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Jackie Thrasher, of Glendale, is a former legislator and a retired teacher, a Democrat in a district that is now represented by the kookiest of them all, Rep. Carl Seel. Not surprisingly, Thrasher is a big public education supporter, something sorely lacking in this Legislature. She’s also all about building consensus -- a virtual lost art among the current Capitol set.”

(Laurie Roberts Column published Aug. 1, 2012, The Arizona Republic)



I am thankful to have had the opportunity to run for public office and I am grateful for your encouragement and support. I wasn't able to deliver you a win in 2012, so the effort continues to hold our elected officials accountable to do a better job protecting and educating our children.

I am thankful for all of our dedicated volunteers that gave so much of their time to our campaign and, of course, for all of the 
30,342 people who voted for me!

I will continue working to make education a priority, advocating for the Arts and good public policy in Arizona. 

Until the next new thing, please follow me on Twitter and Facebook for updates! You can always contact me at

Until we meet again, take care--Jackie


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